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About me

2015-04-28 11:53:26 by EpsilonBootis

Hello, NewGrounds. English is not my first language, please be patient.

I am a multi-diciplinary artist who goes by the name of Jom (which is invalid as a username, sadly). What I do is the following: 

Writing: I am currently studying Creative Writing in Montreal (writing in french) and had some local publications.

Music: I used to play bass and guitar, I am right now concentrating myself to do electronic music (it has been 2 years, as a hobby).

Circus: I juggle (up to five balls, for the moment), I eat and breathe fire and I am starting with the fire staff. I also started walking on shattered glass.

Jewellery: also starting in this field, doing jewels with wire, string, stones and wood.

General DIY: I like to build things. My bigest project was a double bass.

Drawing: as a hobby.


As for the more personal information, I don't think it is relevant for now. But here is the meaning of my username, EpsilonBootis: it is actually written Epsilon Boötis; if you see it from earth, it is a star. Actually it is two stars that are very colse to each other (their individual names are Izar and Pulcherrima). For me it is a metaphor depicting the duality of the ego and the alter ego living inside ourselves.


That is for now, I will be living in the audio forum for the moment.