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Auditory Cortex Auditory Cortex

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I think that it is a good arrangement in general: good sounds, timing, chord progression and ambience. But I think that you can gain more clarity in your sounds.
The pads in the intro seemed to be from the same plug-in, paned with a chorus/unison and reeverb; I would sugest that you create a similar pad by layering lows mids and hights and pan them to give a sense of fullness, instead of adding the effects (you can let them there, but more quietly). This layered pad can be used in the intro, and the chorus/reeverb pad can be used when the other instruments kick in (so it sits in the back of the mix). You can sculpt each layer and end up with a much better sound.
I would also suggest that you use less reeverb for the lead of the moment, giving it more clarity. You should keep reeverb on it; i'd say that you should try with a subtile convolution reeverb.

BemSound responds:

Thank you for your suggestions, very much appreciate them =)